Konsoll | Konsoll 2016

Format: Dokumentasjon
Kunde: Konsoll
Produsent: AnnleisFilm

«Konsoll is a conference designed to inspire and inject self confidence and pride into the veins of the independent game developing community.»

AnnleisFilm dokumenterte alt som skjedde på hovedscenen og foredragene kan sees her: Konsoll Archive

Tim Schafer, Greg Rice, Anna Kipnis and Lee Petty fra Double Fine Productions
Dan Cox from CAPY
Mike Lewis from ArenaNet
Rich Vreeland aka Disasterpeace
Emmy Jonassen from Indie Game Girl and Snow Cannon Games
Dr. Luke Dicken from the IGDA Foundation
James Portnow from Extra Credits
Mike Jungbluth from Volition
Claire Blackshaw from Sony
Matt Conn from GaymerX
Peter Curry from Dinosaur Polo Club